Bev has a direct stake in the issues that concern citizens of Ward Anirniq — she lives here, too!


Concerns I’ve heard recently from Ward Anirniq residents:

  • Crime and safety.
  • Adjusting to the new waste collection program.
  • The bus network redesign: gaps in service, longer walks to stops, longer travel times.
  • Infrastructure maintenance: street and sidewalk replacement, filling potholes, mowing grass in public spaces.
  • Dealing with vulnerable people (including those with mental health challenges) and the less fortunate (including people experiencing homelessness) with compassion.
  • The impact of infill and zoning changes on neighbourhoods, traffic, and property values.

Businesses are concerned about red tape and how long some permitting is taking as they open or expand. Others are concerned about taxes and want to keep them very low or at zero increase.

I want to hear from you. What issues concern you most about Ward Anirniq or the city as a whole? Please contact me to let me know.

You can see how we have worked to address some of these issues on my Experience page.

You can also find recent updates on issues of concern on my Facebook and Twitter.