Building a strong future for Edmonton.


I believe we are at a pivotal time in Edmonton and we need to come together to create a united, compassionate city where everyone is welcomed, valued, and has the opportunity to thrive.

Yellowhead Trail Upgrades

I want to build a city that encourages innovation and welcomes better solutions to address our challenges. We have to “build back better” than before. The pandemic has left many struggling — people out of work, small business owners writing paycheques for their employees but not themselves, industries wondering what force will come at them next. We need to work together to build a resilient, sustainable economy. People need jobs, businesses want to grow, and industries want to diversify successfully.

The City is working with fewer resources these days — provincial funding to municipalities has been cut back and property taxes saw a zero-percent increase in 2021 (the first time in 24 years). We have to make sound decisions and “work smarter” to find ways to support our core services, maintain our roads and infrastructure, and meet the needs of the vulnerable while being fiscally responsible to taxpayers.

We need to build a safe city. The pandemic year saw an increase in domestic violence and racially motivated violence. This is unacceptable. We have to come together to stand against violence, racism, and hate so Edmonton is a place where everyone can feel safe in public spaces and in their homes, worship as they choose, celebrate their culture, and thrive.

I am often asked what I like most about our city. I always answer, the people. Edmontonians have big hearts and come together to help one another in times of crisis. As we face challenging times ahead, I believe we are better when we face them together.