Seniors Week, Part 2

In recognition of Seniors’ Week, let’s honour another ward resident who gives tirelessly of himself to better his community.

Henry Stainthorp retired from a 40-year career as Head Ice Maker at Northlands, but his passion for ice sports never stopped! In wintertime, you can often find Henry at the Spruce Avenue Community Rink as early as 5 am, clearing snow, running the Zamboni, crafting one of the best outdoor rinks in the city. He has gathered skates of all sizes to make available so everyone has an opportunity to skate. On its busiest days, the rink will see some 180 skaters enjoying Henry’s ice!

Henry has also passed along a passion for curling to hundreds of students. Through his creativity he has come up with a method to create a curling rink in the community rink, and he has gathered curling rocks and over 100 brooms that students can use as he teaches them how to curl and sweep.

Thanks to Henry, children — and the young at heart — in his community have the chance to enjoy ice sports in a safe and welcoming place.

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