Economy and Jobs


We need to look at ways to grow our economy, support businesses, and embrace innovation. The Edmonton Economic Action Plan is a plan that addresses the opportunities in artificial intelligence (AI), hydrogen production, and other technological innovations. At the same time, it considers barriers to economic participation, such as adequate, affordable, quality child care so primary caregivers, largely women, can re-enter the workforce.

Building infrastructure creates jobs while growing our city. Business growth creates jobs and opportunities that support residents and encourages others to move to our city. Previously we accessed funds from provincial and federal governments to help meet our needs in these areas. As those resources are limited these days, we need to innovate and find new ways to partner with business and communities to meet the needs of a growing city.

There are many infrastructure projects ongoing in Ward Anirniq, from neighborhood reconstruction to utility work. You can see the status of these infrastructure projects at:




Safety is important for every one of us. However, some are more vulnerable than others because of their gender, race, mental health challenges, or other factors. The city has initiated work on anti-racism, gender equity, and mental health support for our citizens. We are working to improve safety in our public spaces, on our transit system, and in our neighborhoods. I’m proud of what we have accomplished so far, but there is more to do. We need to work together, to learn to respect one another and our differences. We have to find the community support, political will, and financial resources to support those facing mental health challenges and help the most vulnerable.



Community is at the core of the City Plan, which at its heart is about connecting people with their communities. It is a guide to growing our city to accommodate more people. It focuses on building bigger by “going smaller” — by strengthening local communities so the things people need are available within 15 minutes of home. It also covers how we connect people through various modes of transportation, making sure that whatever your choice, there is a safe plan for you.

Edmontonians take pride in our city. We want it to look nice, be well maintained, and have the services we need to keep us safe. This takes ongoing commitment of resources and labour.