New Waste Carts

Roll out the carts! Waste collection in Edmonton is changing for the better—a cart-based sorting and collection system is coming starting in March-April. Every household (all single units and some multi-units) will receive one cart for garbage and one for food scraps. Blue bag recycling collection is not changing.

Automated collection with separate collection of compostables is in place in municipalities across the province and the country, and it’s great to see Edmonton getting on board. It helps reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill, makes collection more efficient, and reduces injuries to waste collectors.

To sum up the new system:
• Garbage carts will be collected every two weeks year-round.
• Food scraps carts will be collected every week in spring-summer-fall and every two weeks in winter.
• Blue bag recycling will be collected weekly with no volume limit.
• Yard waste will be collected twice in spring and twice in fall with no volume limit. You can also put yard waste in your food scrap cart between seasonal collections as long as the lid fully closes.

The system’s success starts with you. Sorting food scraps from other garbage is an easy habit to get into, and you’ll also receive a food scraps pail along with the cart to make it more convenient.

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