Face Covering Bylaw

Covid continues to challenge our community and we are seeing escalating case counts as part of the fourth wave. Many jurisdictions across Canada are responding with increased safety measures. Medical officials have identified masks as one of the tools we can use to combat the pandemic. Ultimately vaccinations are the only way to truly address the pandemic and I support people getting vaccinations. There are still many who are not able to get vaccinations, including children under 12. In early summer we saw declining case counts and increasing vaccination rates, suggesting an end to the pandemic was in sight. Unfortunately, the latest variant continues to be highly contagious and we are seeing case counts and hospitalizations going up.

Council looked at face coverings on transit and ride shares, and we considered our own city facilities. We also discussed the impact on businesses, concluding that it’s better for businesses to require face coverings than have to face shutdowns in the future. In light of changing circumstances and increased case counts, I voted to support the temporary bylaw requiring face coverings in all public places and vehicles starting Friday, September 3.