Door Knocking

Knock! Who’s there?  Your City Councillor who is running for re-election.  Any issues or concerns with our city at this time?  The most common response was no, not really.  We have a great city!  I agree and want to keep working to ensure it is even better. We do need to have a vision to grow and mature as a modern city but, we also need to take care of our current residents.  

On some of the hottest days of the summer I heard about snow clearing from constituents.  They expressed support for the removal of snow around schools and we talked about the pilot projects we are doing this year trying new products to help melt and reduce the need for snow removal.  

Citizens did support school zones and playground zones and appreciate how that has made our schools safer.  One resident feels we should have photo radar at every school and others were concerned about how much photo radar we have.  Overall, they were pleased to see the transparency of having photo radar locations posted on the website and were supportive of having additional signage when photo radar is in place.  We talked about the policy that photo radar funds are used to fund safety initiatives like additional crosswalk lights and speed display boards.

On the subject of speeding and short cutting there is still concern about what is happening in individual neighborhoods and the idea of an overall speed limit reduction to 40 kph or lower had minimal support so far.

The LRT was a hot topic and many can’t wait for it to come to Ward 2. The consensus was the sooner the better!  We had great discussions on a bridge over Yellowhead and CN Tracks to provide express bus service and link into the LRT system.  It is something that I have been working on along with Councillor Loken.  The Transit Strategy also came up and although everyone agreed we need change there was concerns about what it would like for ward 2 residents.  Ongoing dialogue and public engagement will be needed to accurately reflect their concerns and hopes!  

I got to meet many new residents of ward 2 and long-time residents. At one door, I was very surprised when an 87-year-old resident told me he had never support a political party or politician before but, I was representing us/ward well and he wanted to give me a donation to my campaign which he did right then and there.  That’s what I love about municipal politics that individuals make a difference. It takes everyone together…donations, volunteers and supporters who put up signs that are the life blood of campaigns. 

I have been pleased to be the voice of Ward 2 at city hall but, I need to hear your concerns and issues so that I can accurately reflect them.  I desire to listen to you so please contact me at [email protected], phone 780-983-9524 or check out my website at where you can find more info, sign up to volunteer or get a sign and donate!  

The most important thing anyone can do is vote! So please cast your vote on October 16th