Slowing Down Around Playgrounds

The Importance of Playground Zones for the Safety of Children

There has been a lot of conversation lately about playground zones and the guidelines and rules around implementing playground zones. I wanted to take this opportunity to revisit why I have always supported playground zones and their importance for the safety of children.

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ATCO Projects 2018

ATCO has provided me with information on Projects happening in Ward 2 this year.

Spruce Avenue

  • Replacement of approximately 0.5km of steel main and 36 residential and commercial services in the community of Spruce Avenue between Princess Elizabeth Avenue and 114 Ave near 105/106 Street.
  • Work will be coordinate with City of Edmonton Neighbourhood Renewal

Proposed Construction time: 2 Months



  • Replacement of approximately 3.3km of steel main and 211 residential services in the community of Inglewood between 114 and 118 Avenues and 127 Street and Groat Road.

Proposed Construction time: 3 Months

Campbell Road Park and Ride

  • Relocate 500m of 323 mm high pressure natural gas transmission pope and install a valve assembly.

– Construction noise during regular work hours
– Lane closures and reduced parking

More information can be found here.


Bus Network Redesign

Our bus routes are changing

Our city is growing and changing, which means Edmonton’s bus routes need to change too. In 2020, the ETS bus network will look completely different. This transformation will introduce new kinds of routes that will help you move across the city more quickly and efficiently.

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Vision 2050




International Womens Day – Together We Can Bring Change!

Today is International Women’s Day. Its a day where we can look at the progress that we have had, but also a day to reflect on how we can continue bringing progress. I think that the message of International Women’s Day is that there is more work to do.  We all do this work together and as we step up and speak up we will continue to see change!

Together we can made Edmonton a better place for all women, today and in the future. 


Your Business and Vision Zero

On February 21, I had the pleasure of talking to over 40 industry executives and local business owners about traffic safety at the Vision Zero Corporate and Industry Symposium.

The long-term goal of Vision Zero Edmonton is to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries. We want our friends, family members, and employees to arrive safely at their destination and return home at the end of the day. Tragically, many people have lost a friend or family member to a traffic collision. That is why it was so exciting to see a room full of business leaders learning what Vision Zero is and how they can be part of making our streets safer.

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Northwest Seniors Centre

Last week I put forward a notice of motion for Administration to look into the possibly of a new Seniors Community Hub. Here are my thoughts on why it's important.


Civic Precinct Renewal - City Hall Wading Pool

The civic precinct is at the end of its life and needs to be redone. In the process the City has to bring everything up to the new Alberta Health standards.

There have been various conversations around Council about whether we should rebuild the pool maintaining its current depth, or if we should change things and possibly add other amenities for children.

I would love to hear your opinion! What do you think?


Our Children in Playgrounds

Recently I was at the playground near my house with my grandchildren and they were enjoying the play structures.  While watching my grandchildren I saw a mom running and then heard her calling after her child (2-3 years old) as he ran towards the road.  As a looked up I saw a car driving toward the playground.  I imagined the worst!  Fortunately, the car saw the same scene unfolding and stopped before they got to the playground and mom caught up with her son as he reached the road.  Whew! It really reinforced how vulnerable children were when playing in open spaces or playgrounds.

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