A Quiet Christmas

With the focus on provincial politicians’ holiday travels in the news, people are—rightfully—asking their elected officials at all levels how—and where—they spent their holidays. I stayed home and didn’t leave the metro Edmonton region over the holiday season.

I missed having my children and grandchildren over for Christmas. But I dropped off food and presents, used FaceTime and Zoom to connect with family, and even read books and played games with the grandchildren online.

It’s not exactly the Christmas any of us wanted, but we made it work. The silver lining is that it’s been a warm winter and I’ve enjoyed spending time outdoors.

We can all help stop the spread of COVID-19 if we work together—and for the time being, that often means staying apart. Let this new year be a time of renewed hope and increased resolve. Take care of yourself, take care of each other, and stay safe!