A Canada Day Unlike Any Other

This Canada Day is unlike any other in memory. All the reasons to celebrate and be proud of our country are still there — freedom, opportunity, diversity. But this year, it has become heartbreakingly apparent that all those great things have not always been equally available to all Canadians, and that is still the case to this day.

We have a lot to be proud of. But we also have a lot of work to do. For many, today is the first time after a long COVID year they will be able to gather to celebrate with family. For others, this is a day for sombre reflection. Both responses, and a range in between, are valid.

In acknowledgement of those who lost their lives in the residential school system, those who survived, and the generations that followed who inherited that trauma, City Hall, the Muttart Conservatory, and the High Level Bridge will be lit orange July 1–4.

To learn more about the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission: http://trc.ca/assets/pdf/Calls_to_Action_English2.pdf