Bev's vision for Ward 2 includes responsible and accountable infrastructure improvements, enhanced safety in our neighbourhoods and on our roads, and working hand-in-hand with communities to develop assets that serve them best.

Infrastructure Yellowhead Trail Upgrades

We’ve experienced a lot of frustration with major projects in Ward 2. Bev shares those feelings and has constantly pushed for improved management and accountability.

  • Bev will advocate for the development of Northwest LRT and Rapid Bus Service, with the goal of cutting commuting time from the North to Downtown in half.
  • Bev will continue to work with developers to encourage creativity in design to build a safe, livable city for children and families.
  • Bev was at the forefront of securing support and funding for the Yellowhead freeway development project. She will now encourage public input and engagement with impacted communities.
  • Bev has championed successful projects in Ward 2, including the Northwest Police Station and Calder Library. Upcoming projects to focus on include the Northwest Seniors Centre, Coronation Velodrome and Rec Centre, and the Telus World of Science expansion.



Safety isn’t just about crime rate and traffic accident statistics. It’s about the feeling of safety in our neighbourhoods and public spaces and on our roads.

  • Bev is committed to promoting awareness and education in addition to supporting enforcement.
  • Traffic safety is critically important to Bev. She has spearheaded many safety initiatives, including the implementation of school zones after a 40-year absence, and will continue to implement proven tactics for reducing collisions on our streets.
  • Bev has brought a lot of attention to issues of transit safety, and will keep the city focused on that. All Edmontonians deserve to feel safe on public transit at all times.
  • Bev will continue to push for creating safe environments. It could be as simple as improving lighting and visibility on LRT platforms. But if broader changes are required to our approach to building safe public spaces, Bev will work to find those solutions.


Community Hubs Playground Opening Ceremony

The needs of a neighbourhood can change over time. Public spaces and assets should be tailored to suit the needs of our city’s growing and changing population.

  • Bev will engage with communities to determine what public assets they want.
  • Bev encourages partnerships among orders of government and school boards to see that neighbourhoods that have outgrown their need for a community asset have that space repurposed appropriately. Nobody wants to see boarded-up schools or city buildings; those spaces should be transformed, in a timely manner, into community or business hubs, libraries, health or seniors centres — whatever the community needs!
  • Bev will work with developers to put thought into the design of public assets, to facilitate future repurposing of these spaces.