In her first four years as your City Councillor, Bev has been at the forefront of initiatives to properly manage City assets and improve the lives of Edmontonians.

Current Committee Appointments: Bev Esslinger in Council Chambers

Chair, Community and Public Services Committee
Vice-Chair, Audit Committee
City Manager and City Auditor Performance Evaluation Committee

Former Committee Appointments:
Vice-Chair, Executive Committee
Transportation Committee

Current Initiatives

: Works with neighbourhoods and all stakeholders to identify opportunities and actions for creating or re-creating strong, vibrant communities.

Traffic Safety: Provides direction on enhancing traffic safety, working towards Vision Zero, with a priority on roads in the vicinity of schools to protect the most vulnerable in our neighbourhoods.

Child Friendly Edmonton: Creating a welcoming, accessible, and inclusive city where children thrive and their voices are listened to and respected.

Women’s Initiative: Fosters and promotes equality, opportunity, and access to services for women. Provides an opportunity for Edmonton women to be heard, engaged, and develop leadership roles in civic and community life.

Gender-Based Violence: Raises awareness and promotes prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Multiculturalism: Promotes development of an inclusive and cohesive community for newcomers and other citizens.
Edmonton Salutes: Recognizes contributions of our local military community toward peace and security, both at home and abroad.

Inter-City Forum on Social Policy: Addresses issues of social policy, programs, and services that are of concern to urban municipalities across Alberta.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities: Connects municipalities nationally to give them a stronger voice and empowers municipalities to create effective and accountable local government.

Blatchford Stakeholders Committee: Actively engages with communities and businesses near the Blatchford redevelopment.