Re-elect Bev Esslinger for City Councillor in Ward 2


I know that together we can see Edmonton grow and flourish. It has been an honour to serve as your your voice on City Council, and I hope I can count on your support on October 16th!

Thank you for taking the time to inform yourself about the issues and candidates in this election. I look forward to connecting with you in the days ahead!


NOTE: bevesslinger.ca is the temporary home of Bev's re-election campaign page. If you're looking for Bev's current City Councillor website, please visit bevesslingerward2.ca
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    Door Knocking

    Knock! Who’s there?  Your City Councillor who is running for re-election.  Any issues or concerns with our city at this time?  The most common response was no, not really.  We have a great city!  I agree and want to keep working to ensure it is even better. We do need to have a vision to grow and mature as a modern city but, we also need to take care of our current residents.  

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    Action on Dog Park Fencing

    Hooray! The fence is coming! The fence is coming! I have been working on this with some really committed dog owners who have shared their stories about the need for fence at Lauderdale Off-Leash Park or Onion Park, located on 127 Avenue between 109 and 113A Streets.

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